Friday, February 1, 2008

Blind woman makes second bid for state acupuncture license

You gotta admire her spirit!

Sask-Itoba Rangers

Last week Friday,Jan.25,I was contacted by the head of the Sask-Itoba Rangers
AAA hockey team.
They wanted me to create a mascot/logo for them, but it had to be done by Monday, Jan 28.
Brian had a rough idea of what he wanted, but allowed me to just be as creative as possible.
I haven't worked on a hockey character since my friend, Steve Vitale, and I created Burny the dragon for the now defunct Atlanta Knights.

It was fun working on such a short deadline. I will post pictures of the pucks and jerseys and stuff
as soon as they are printed.

Workers' Torch Started Vegas Casino Fire

This sort of thing would never have happened if Sam "Ace" Rothstein had been running the place.