Friday, July 2, 2010


Just a quick sketch in Illustrator of a mad octopus, although maybe he should be called a pentapus.


What a week! This weekend is the Fourth of July, one of my most favorite holidays.
Hanging out, seeing friends and family, fireworks...OH MY GOD THOSE DINOSAURS ARE EATING THE CHILDREN!!!
That's right, today's gut-busting DINOSAURS ATTACK comes from sunny California.
I guess on the West coast, it's normal for kids to wear swim goggles on a field trip.
At least I think they are swim goggles.
Look at the kid wearing the red jersey with 17 on it.

I mean, what's up with those? The bus is too long to be a "short" one, and besides, none of the other kids are wearing hockey equipment.
Anyhoo, those dinosaurs are really chomping on those kids.
Just imagine the artist. Coming into work at the Topps Company, getting his brushes ready, paints, etc., and then he gets his assignment.
" Ok, today you gotta paint a bus load of kids being eaten by a pair of Parasaurolophus, or Parasaurolphusi...well, whatever they're called, you gotta paint'em. An make it real gross, that's what the kids who aren't being eaten alive like."
Here's the back of this little gem.

(As on the images in order to get a better look).