Monday, June 9, 2008

New Jersey's Best #6

When I lived in New Jersey, I used to do some t-shirt design work for WDHA in Dover, NJ.
I can't remember the station manager's name, but he was a good guy.
Anyhow, they would put out an album of home grown rock, with a contest for the album cover that was open to anyone.
I always submitted covers, but never won. The closest I ever came was when my room mate,
Pete Callahan, won with a really cool concept. Imagine a geologist's work station, with a magnifying glass, rock samples, all kinds of stuff.
So for the sixth album, I turned in this idea. I don't have the finished piece, just this rough.
The station called me a few days after I turned this in, and said that if I wanted to be part of the contest, I had to turn in a different cover.
They didn't want this sort of imagery. They liked it, but it was dead in the water.
Oh well....

Brainy Bob

Just a quick sketch of a left over character design.