Thursday, September 3, 2009

More D&D cartoons

Here are some more cartoons that had either appeared in Dragon magazine, " Mirth of Yore " , or " It's a Gamer's Life".
Click on the cartoons to see the full version.

I used a special paper caller Duoshade for this cartoon. Duoshade is a paper printed
with two different shading patterns, fine dot and heavy dot, with invisible ink. By painting on it with one of the two chemical developers, you can bring out those patterns.
As you can see, as time goes by, the main pattern is mud.

Back to the cartoon. I always think it's funny when a dog urinates on an unsuspecting...(fill in the blank).
Now that I look at it, the creature looks less like an Ent,( a living Tree character from the Lord of the Rings), and more like a piece of broccoli.

I liked this cartoon because there was always someone accusing someone else
of cheating. Usually this happened after a number of adult beverages
had been consumed.

Oh the "war stories" I heard about the fantastic characters that had been rolled.

Gus first started as the creature that you see above. There was something I liked about him, so I kept working and working him.
He developed into this:

I had used this incarnation as a mascot for my website. But before he got to this,
I had created this strip, using an early version of Gus, years back when Dragon
was looking for a new adventure comic.
Some of the editors liked it, but not enough of them to get it in the book.

Gus is one of those characters that I draw every now and then, getting closer and
closer to what I want.
But his smart-ass talking sword, Moe, is right on the money!