Tuesday, May 26, 2009


How could I resist drawing a Sleestak after recording many hours of the " Land of the Lost " off
of the SCIFI channel?
I mean, what a great show! Ok, I admit, the acting was pretty cheesy, the dinosaurs were lumpy and showed their seams, the show had limited backgrounds, and one alien that looked like it had escaped from the " Everyone Wang Chung Tonight " video, but still...some of the scripts were written by giants in the science fiction field : Theodore Sturgeon, Larry Niven, Ben Bova, and Norman Spinrad to name a few.
And the Sleestaks! What great looking creatures! Part Creature from the Black Lagoon, part cockroach. In one episode, there was an old coot in a cave, with a cannon, who stayed alive by shooting the Sleestaks when they tried to attack him. He told the Marshalls,( you know, Marshall , Will and Holly, on a routine expedition.... ), anyhow, the old coot told them that Sleestaks tasted like lobster!
As cool as a Sleestak is, they did have a couple of weaknesses.
First, they couldn't take bright light. Stay out of their tunnels, you're safe. Check.
Second, they had the lamest hand held crossbows ever! Watch an episode where one of these rubber band guns are shot. The " arrow " shoots maybe 18 inches, sideways! You'd be in more danger from a retarded kid with a sharp pencil!