Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More Illustrator work

Give me a book, and I can figure it out. Let me tell you about a book I have had my nose in for the past two weeks, 
" Illustrator CS Most Wanted Techniques and Effects ", by Matt Kloskowski.
( Not a paid endorsement, but when I like something I tell my friends )

I have had Illustrator on my computer, in one form or another, for as long as I can remember. I bought all sorts of books, learned how to put type on a path, etc.
But I always fell back to Flash to do my drawings,( because nothing ' clicked ' with me and Illustrator), then exported the finished piece as an Illustrator file.
Then I would bring the file into Illustrator and make some minor tweaks.
Whadda way to run a railroad! I would be bogged down for hours, not to mention some gigs that slipped through my fingers due to my lack of ability with the program.
Finally, I bought this book, began to read and do the tutorials, and things are slowly sinking in.
Here is my latest illustration, all in Illustrator, featuring Balding Bob.
 So, if you have struggled with this amazing program, give this book a try.
( This book is so good, my dog, Candy , ate the front cover!)