Wednesday, May 28, 2008

" Global Warming is Your Fault! "

This is an animation I created for the May 26 ASIFA-ATLANTA " Roll Yer Own " independent animation show.
Here is the quick version of how I made it::
I was wrapping up work on some Compass animations, and checked the ASIFA-ATLANTA website.
Imagine my surprise when I saw that the " Roll Yer Own " deadline was a week away, ( I checked the site on Tuesday, the 22. The deadline to submit was April 30th).
I finished all of my work on that Saturday night., while trying to come up with an idea.
Things just popped into my head, and I created this animation that Sunday afternoon.
A few more details:
The car featured is my Hyundai Excel. I still miss it!
As for the polar bear, I am still trying to puzzle that out. As I was watching the Discovery Channel,
the Planet Earth series, I saw a polar bear try to eat a walrus. He crept up on a bunch of these fat seals, sprawled out on the rocky beach, catching some sun.
I thought the bear would make short work of a walrus....WRONG!!!!!!!
The walrus was a stone cold killer. Before the polar bear knew what was happening, it was stabbed with those two to three foot long tusks at least 8 times, leaving the wounded bear to bleed to death as the walruses, (walrusi?), went back to their loafing.
Later on that same show, I saw a polar bear dive into a hole in the ice, and drag out an adult Beluga whale, which it ate.
So, polar bears...delicate creatures on the brink of extinction...or cuddly looking maniacs just waiting for you to let your guard down?
Hope you enjoy my tongue-in-cheek public service message.


I had a feature on this blog that would allow people to post messages to me. It was called
" Tagboard " and it worked great. My relatives, friends, and people who just liked my site would use it.
Well, I removed it because some jerks posted a link to a porn site/ virus carrier link.
I don't want anyone who visits my site to become infected.
That's why I monitor the comments before I allow them to be posted.
Keep your eyes open and update your security software frequently!