Friday, May 28, 2010


Let's jump right to it! A beautiful late Spring day, and BAM!
Triceratops horn right through the guts! This is one of my favorite cards.
Please don't get the wrong idea. While I do poke fun at the artwork for its sheer
clumsiness, I do give it credit for the sincerity.
I mean, look at this set-up.
The Triceratops is one big mess. While each wart and wrinkle is lovingly rendered,
I keep looking at the back of the dinosaur, expecting a hand shoved up its ass with the puppeteer doing a Yoda voice,
" More cake of wedding may I have?"
The bride's hands look like they could each palm a basketball. The one guy with his butt in the cake looks to be a dead-ringer, ( pardon the pun ), for America's favorite
consumer guru, Clark Howard.
The other guy sharing the floor with him looks like Leonid
A Russian leader's daughter getting married in Long Island. No wonder the paparazzi
is there.
But what really brings a tear to my eye is the classy invitation.

I think the printer had to eat this job. He left off the date.
( As always, click on the images to get a better look at the art. )