Friday, April 30, 2010

Dinosaurs Attack!

It's Friday, and that means more...DINOSAURS ATTACK!
The action is starting to pick up. Let's look at Card # 3 :

Here we see Doctor Powers Booth reacting along with Doctor Liza Minnelli
to the bulging yellow peepers that are interrupting the Laser Show.

Relax. Everything is fine. Those three security officers were supposed to erupt like tomatoes left in a microwave too long. One would think that a fine news organization like the Washington Globe would name a few more sources.

A guy can't even stop off at the Big Apple and get a little nosh without being
assaulted by what looks to be the Air Force's new Dildo Drone Brigade?

I guess those Dildo Drones are " TOP-SECRET ".
The New York Chronicle didn't even mention them.