Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monster 13 : Karaoke Kreep

There you are, sitting in a bar, quietly sipping your drink,
ignoring that menu of songs, next to the napkins on your table,that are available on the Karaoke machine.
Suddenly, out of the darkness comes a person, man or woman, doesn't matter.
But what does matter is that while they have been enjoying their adult beverage of choice, this little guy has been convincing them that what
the world really needs, right now, is for them to belt out a rendition of " Feelings".
Or " The PiƱa Colada " song.
You know, those songs from the Seventies that you really wish hadn't
made it to the digital age.
The only way to combat this vile creature is to drink three Kamikazes
in rapid succession, and then proceed to sing the entire Karaoke catalog
of the Beatles' songs.
Yeah...that's the ticket! That's what the world really needs.

Do it. Do it now!

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