Friday, May 21, 2010

Dinosaurs Attack !

Yes, it's Friday, and that means......DINOSAURS ATTACK!
I have a " two fer " for all of you today. First, we go to Washington, DC.
Apparently, Pteranodon wings, while stubbly and covered with warts, are razor sharp,
judging by the Secret Service Agent's head popping off.
And it also seems that they fart fire.
The Pteranodon in the foreground looks like he reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally celebrates
4:20. Dude, put down the pipe and give the ol' peepers a rest.
Although, now that I think about it, maybe he's allergic to the blossoming cherry trees.
I know my eyes look like hell during the springtime, but that's only because Mother Nature is trying to drown me in my own mucus, due to my allergies.
Imagine that, a dinosaur that just needs a shot of Flo-nase and some Visine A/C in order to get its life in order.
Kind of makes you think.
You know, now that I really give these dinosaurs a good look, they look more like pot holders, something you would find in the clearance pile at Bed, Bath & Beyond.
Hmm..maybe we'll learn more by reading the Washington Examiner.

No mention of the " fire-farting capabilities " of the Pteranodons, but the Washington Examiner does point out the typical attitudes of " politics as usual ".
Eastern Liberal Hoax indeed. This reporter seems to have these dino-birds confused with Obama-care.
You just gotta love this clunky artwork. Get a load of the next one.

Where to start, there's so much to look at.
First off, everything is given the same amount of attention to detail.
Barney, the squished dog, is just as important as the flattened cat on the right
by the garbage can, which is one of the nicest garbage cans I have seen in a while.
Each brick is lovingly detailed, as is the cracked sidewalk.

Next week's installment looks to be top-notch, TOP NOTCH!
( Can someone say..." Bridezilla? ")