Friday, March 21, 2008

Canastas en el Gallinero

Here is the Spanish version of this scene.

The Abpro mouse

This is a mascot I designed for a company in the Boston area. It was fun designing this little guy for the lab.
From Wikipedia : "Hybridoma are cells that have been engineered to produce a desired antibody in large amounts."
They wanted gif banner ads for their company. I did them in Flash, and made the gifs from those files.
Click on the mouse and you will see the ad in Flash.

Friday Freak # 13

I found out this week about the selections for the new Fantagraphic book, Beasts 2.
A book detailing creatures from folklore.
My submission didn't make it. I didn't realize that those of us submitting were all competing for ONE spot, but that's the way it goes.
Here it is, the Agropelter.
It lives in the forests of Minnesota, and throws broken tree limbs at unwary victims. It then stuffs the body into a hollow tree to be eaten later.
It is also fond of woodpeckers.