Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Beast has left the Driveway

What a week of changes. This week our daughter started daycare a few days a week. She's getting older, and her happiness and my work were suffering. I am pleased to announce that she is happy as can be, making friends with other rugrats and curtain climbers, and I am knocking my projects out.
I gave my car, the Beast, to KARS4KIDS.
It needs a few minor repairs,( note the VALDEZ spill, minus the penguins), but still runs like a top.
It was a solid car, got me to where I needed to go,( I tend to use a car until the wheels fall off), but since I am doing work over the net, I don't need a vehicle all the time. So, it will now go to a family that needs a car.
I wish them good carma.