Monday, June 28, 2010

Cheerleader game

Sometimes, I can get lost in a concept.
For instance, take this game that I animated for USATestprep.

The game uses the Princess character from another game, " SUPER GRADUATION KOMBAT SMACKDOWN ", and she is competing for a spot on the Royal Cheer Leading Squad.
So, I'm thinking about the middle ages, kings and queens, court jesters, etc., and the game is a lot of fun to work on.
Of course, there has to be a " Winner " screen, you know, after the Princess makes the team, and there also has to be a " Loser " screen, when the player doesn't make it and has to try again.
So....being a creative, unfettered type, I created this, because it made me laugh and I thought that it fit in with the theme....

Sure, it's funny, but this is a game that's going to be played by high school kids.
My internal Moderator was certainly asleep at the switch that day.
So, I had to create a better screen, one that still conveyed the message that you had to try again, but in a softer, more acceptable, non-torturing way.

(As always, click on the imagery to get a better look ).