Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tips on finishing a sketchbook

This morning, I finished another sketchbook. I had started this one on 09/22/07.
It's kind of beat up. I have taken it on vacation with me, to the DMV while I was waiting on line, just dragging it where I was going to be spending time so instead of reading old magazines and stuff, I would draw.
I have also posted a random drawing , and the drawing on the last page.
The great thing about filling a book with illustrations is that years from now, I can page through it and see how I was drawing, what kind of media I was experimenting with, etc.
When I look at my old stuff, it almost works like a diary. I can remember what was happening in my life at the time my pencil was hitting the paper
Here are a few tips that may help you to fill your sketchbook:
1. Buy a book you want to grab everyday.
It's very important to get a book that feels good in your hands, something that you want to pick up,
because you'll be picking it up everyday until it's filled with your creations.
The book pictured here is a Paperchase brand book that is filled with grid paper. I didn't care for
the grids, but I did like the feel of the covers, the heft of all that paper in my hand, and the fact that it
was on sale at Waldenbooks for three bucks and change.
2. Relax and let go.
Every drawing doesn't have to be a masterpiece. To be completely honest, there are some real
crappy drawings in this last book, but there are also some that I really like. I have liked some of
these drawings enough to use them as inspirations for finished pieces, either animated or as
cartoon illustrations.
That's the beauty of letting your critical self sit one out while you draw.
3. Be consistent, ( or as consistent as you can be).
Try and set a time everyday that you can sketch in your book. I get up early, and like to draw while
the family is still asleep. Sometimes I have missed days drawing in the book, but it seems that I
made up for that on other days, cranking out up to 10 sketches in a session.
The key is to establish a habit, but not to beat yourself up if you miss a day or two.
4. Above all, have fun.