Saturday, October 17, 2009

Monster 17 : The Seat Kicker

Today's Monster of the Day is actually a nice guy. The Seat Kicker is very friendly
and is a great conversationalist. He gets excited about the same films that you do!
Go to a movie, he's there, in the seat behind you.
Just as the alien/monster/psycho killer is about to attack, there go his feet, kicking at the back of your seat.

Little nudges at first, but then they progress to filling-loosening assaults. He can't help it, he's just so excited,(and look at the size of those feet).
But he's also embarrassed that he bothered you, and due to his lightning speed,
by the time you turn around to see who is doing it, he's gone. turn around and try to get lost in the movie again.
And he returns to the seat behind you, because he likes you.
Wait a the girl going into the same room that the killer is hiding in?
There go his feet again...