Friday, February 15, 2008

Saudi Arabian "Witch" sentenced to death

As said, "..she's accused of weighing as much as a duck."
The link:,2933,330680,00.html

Friday Freak #8

Going through my old files, and I found my collection of cartoons I had published in Dragon magazine before they were bought by Wizards of the Coast.
Yes, there was a time when I played D&D, ( but I wasn't a kook like some people. We actually had a bunch of guys kicked out of the Kubert school for playing. It seemed that they stopped going to class, and just hung out in the student housing, rolling them 20 sided dice).
Anyhoo, from time to time I will post the cartoons, some accepted, some rejected,(with the yay or nay notes attached).
This cartoon makes me nostalgic. I look at it and think about the sheets of Zippatone , in varying shades and patterns, I had in my studio, the boxes of fresh X-acto blades used to cut the zip, the Bristol pads.....
Ah, kids today don't know how easy they have it.
Now you scan, erase lines. re-draw with a click of the mouse.
Back in the day, if you made a goof,you reached for the white-out. If that didn't do it, or you had to zip in that area, you either made a patch,(re-draw the area, cut out the bad spot, rubber cement in the good, and then hope that white-out would hide the edge).
Most times it was just easier to re-draw the whole schmear!