Friday, June 11, 2010


Hey Urban Spelunkers! Today's DINOSAURS ATTACK ! features two of the most
horrific nightmare images...being trapped in a basement with a crying infant, and the two thin girls from Wilson-Phillips. " Hold On" indeed!
And that's no way to treat a
durable Craftsman 7-1/4 in. 12 Amp, circular saw that provides 5500 RPMS, with ample power for fast, sure cuts and Die-Cast aluminum upper and lower blade guards that add strength and reduce the saw's overall weight with Ergonomic D and glove grip Bail handles that provide maximum comfort and control, while insuring a firm grip as you cut dino-steaks off your basement marauders.
Check out Basement Window Guy's crazy hair. I thought the Oil Slick was in the Gulf of Mexico, not on Hubert's head.
I think it may have been styled by Frantic Rake Dude. He's in the back by Mr. Stabby.
What's this on the floor? Fan mail from some Flounder?

(As always, click on the images to let the " art " wash over you).