Friday, June 27, 2008


Today's Friday Freak is brought to you by the 80's! Remember? SNL wasn't funny until Eddie Murphy was hired, parachute pants, and Reagan.
Above is a character/mascot I created for a company called, I kid you not, "Invasion of the LizardMen!"
It was a headshop run by a collection of hippies in Northern New Jersey. No longer in business.
Somehow these people had an almost unlimited funding, due to certain activities, and opened a business that besides selling the usual assortment of bongs and what have you, also sold t-shirts.
They had a state of the art transfer machine that could print any artwork, no matter the medium, onto a shirt.
The largest it could print was 11"x14".
So, I created a wide range of designs for them, and they sold really well.
I would do 10 designs, fax those to the shop, they would make selections or changes, and I would work all night to have them ready for the next day.
I would meet them at diners along Rt. 46, and we would make the "exchange".
I would give them the art, and they would cut the check. Which was always a nice sum, and ALWAYS cleared, not like some clients, who shall remain nameless....for now. : )
Anyhoo, once they gave me a hit of LSD that they wanted a t-shirt for.
It was purple, on a stamp looking thing, really ornate, Purple Haze, I think it was.
( I was in my 20's, and scrambling for every dollar, so just relax..and wait for the end of this story).
Being careful not to touch it, I wrapped it in a napkin and took it home to work.
I took the front cover off of a cassette tape,clear plastic, and taped the hit to it so I could look at it without risking a trip.
Next day I drop it off, again at a diner, and the three of them loved the design. I captured the blotter hit perfectly.
So, they were eating when I handed the hit back to them.
"Keep it," said the owner.
I declined, and the younger guy snatched it out of my hand and went to the bathroom.
I ordered a hamburger basket,(I used to eat red meat back then), and about 30 or so minutes later, the guy came out of the bathroom.
He was white, and sweaty, and his pupils were the size of dimes.
I of course couldn't resist messing with him, as I offered him french fries, by holding up the basket and asking if he wanted some, and then quickly moving the fries into his face, like a 3-D movie.
He jumped out of the booth and landed on the floor laughing. so much that the other customers were pointing.
That's when I left.
Weeks later, the whole place was closed, and everyone busted, except LSD guy. If I remember right, he was picked up on a minor drug charge, but his dad was plugged in some how with the community, so this kid narced on the other two, and he didn't do a day in the clink.
That's one of the problems with drugs. Not everyone you hang out with is a stand up guy.
It was a great freelance gig while it lasted.