Thursday, April 1, 2010

Episode 1 : " The Bald Lie

Here is the first episode of Balding Bob and Fleckie the Follicle.
I have had so much fun working on this project. The client allows me the freedom to just let loose and create. The idea of doing a motion comic has always appealed to me.
It's a lot of fun adding some animation here and there, to compliment the drawings.
I have pushed the animation a little further in the next episode, so stay tuned for more
Balding Bob and Fleckie!
Click on the above image to view.

Fleckie the Follicle

This is a still from the motion comic I have created for the Hair Transplant Network.
Fleckie the Follicle,pictured here, is covered in " Toop Goop", in preparation for Balding Bob's rug. 
( The comic is created in Flash )

I will post the first two episodes soon.