Thursday, October 29, 2009

Monster of the Day # 29 : the Parasite

Go that delicious soft-shell taco from the nice man pushing that cart on the street.
There is a show on cable called " Monsters inside Me ", that is a real eye opener.
One story was about a woman who ate a taco, and then a few months later had blinding headaches, numbness in her limbs, etc.
The doctors found that she had a parasite in her brain, that had come from tacos she had eaten.
Pork tacos.
It seems this parasite, when inside a pig, lives happily inside the gut until that little piggy goes to the bathroom. Then he gets passed out, eaten by another pig, and this disgusting Circle of Life begins anew.
But, when it is inside a human, well, things get really crazy. It seems that there aren't the chemical clues that keep it in the intestines, and it the tasty BRAIN.
Remember that delicious taco from the street vendor? Feel that little tickle behind your ear?
That's right. You now have a little friend. Today's Monster of the Day...the Friendly Parasite!
Have fun!