Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nut Job!

Back in the saddle with a great headline.
As always, the rest of the story:


This is a page from the second issue of my comic book, " Figments ".
I was working with a company called Blackthorne.
It was so much fun, and I was living the dream. Just a two years out of
the Kubert school, and here I was with my OWN book.
Not drawing Batman or some other established character, but my very own!
It didn't last long amidst the herd of the black and white comic book glut of the 80's,
but it was a fun ride.
The story was about a teenager in our world, Sam, a sullen loner, who is destined to become a
powerful wizard in another dimension.
Sam is hunted by an evil giant Rat, King Gristle, and his shape-shifting henchman, Pox.
I really do like the characters,( Wee Peeps the Mole, Moosebats, Boarhounds, and a walking nuclear bomb named Archie), so maybe I'll polish the story up and put out a graphic novel.
The reason I am putting this up is because I found the black and white cover art for the first
issue on eBay for sale.
So, to whomever may buy that cover, if you pay the postage, I will autograph it for you and throw in a sketch.