Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Men's Room Mauler

You're on the road, making good time but you're still a half hour away from home. You'll never make it and you know it.
It could have been the 99¢ " All You Can Eat Tacos " buffet. Maybe it was the sausage and biscuit from that fast food joint.
How it happens doesn't matter. What does matter is how quickly can you find a men's room before you have a non-tire related blow-out.
You pull in to the station, frantically get the key from the clerk, and rush to the door only to find....he's been there first.
That's right. Ordinarily you never get a peek at this elusive creature, but today is your " lucky " day.
Now you know who is to blame for the condition of almost every men's room in the nation.
Bookstores, cafes, etc., you name it, he hits them.
But the big question is...what do you do now?
The whistle is blowing, and the " train " is about to leave the " station ".
So I give you Today's Monster of the Day : the Men's Room Mauler.
( I'll bet the seat's still warm ).