Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bamboo Learning Site

Just thought that I would post a link to the Bamboo Learning site.
This is the online educational system that teaches children Mandarin Chinese.
Here is the link:
I didn't create the Panda on the main page, just characters for the game , on the title page and the game of Bingo itself; which you can see and play if you click on the Chinese Fooksie above.
Have fun and pick up a little Mandarin, too!

Sprint cartoon #4

This cartoon was part of a series of cartoons that I created for Sprint, in conjunction with Deardorff Communications.
It was such a great project because I have always wanted to do a comic strip, and because I loved the scripts' use of animal characters to portray problems and solutions.
There were 5 strips in the series, with each one taking a few days to complete, ( roughs, changes, final approval, then the finished strip).
Each strip was created in Flash.