Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Monster 21 : Monty

Today's Monster of the Day is Monty. When you wake up, in the wee hours, and turn on the TV, and start to watch those infomercials, he's the guy that
whispers in your ear that you NEED that stupid blanket with the sleeves.
Or that shammy from the guy who isn't afraid to put a beat-down on a working girl.
Or the pill that EXTEEEEEEEEEEEENDS a certain part......
Anyhow, you buy it and wait patiently for it to arrive.
Take it out of the box, and then you realize that you are a dope.
But relax. It's not your fault. If Monty didn't have such a good line of patter,
you'd never fall for these commercials.
Do yourself a favor and just go back to sleep.

(Psssttt.....wake up! That cartoonist is getting a cup of coffee. Now grab that credit card and buy that Ab-Roller. Hurry up before he comes back...)