Friday, March 5, 2010

" Have Cintiq, Will Travel ! "

I have been working on site at the Network. The people are great, and I am enjoying this opportunity to work on a really neat project.
It is the first time I have ever worked on a Mac, and I gotta say it isn't that bad.
Not that I will be rushing out to buy one of my own, but I think it's great that I'm getting the experience. 
 Here is an action shot of me at my post:

Right now I am creating assets to be used for the animation, which I will also be doing. Very cool stylized stuff, but I am used to drawing directly in Flash using my Cintiq.
They don't have one, so I am bringing in mine.

The funny thing is that I finally know why I had an extra plug for the connection cable in the box.  Here I was thinking that people must be animals or something, that they would wear out the plug in the back somehow, or lose it....but no.
It is an adapter to be used if you hook the Cintiq up to a Mac.
I am hooked on this Wacom invention, and am now thinking about buying the smaller version of the Cintiq, something a pinch more portable. 
But for the present, I bring my baby into the office on Monday, and bring her home for the weekends.
( Hey Wacom, any hope for a deal for this commercial plug? I mean, at least 10 -15 people read this blog everyday ).
: )