Monday, November 2, 2009

Monster # 30 : The Dryer Doof

I know I'm late. I was down for two days, but I'm back in full force. With one of the last two installments of the Monster of the Day.
Here we see the Dryer Doof.
This is the creature responsible for the sock that goes missing, or that pair of underwear that disappears. So, every now and then, you reach in the dryer, and discover that it's happened again. Dammit! Now you have to wear the socks that you had on yesterday. Or, if it's underwear that's been swiped. you now have to wear the pair with the hole in them. The pair with the beat-down elastic, that, if you are a guy, just won't give the boys a home they can stay in. That's right. Back and forth, getting pinched by the seam, just a bad day.
But you can feel good about one thing. As long as the Dryer Doof is eating the occasional pair of stockings or drawers, it won't be eating what it really craves...
( don't you feel a little better? So what if the office thinks you are a champion at Pocket Pool).