Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Relax, it's all good

Going through my files, and came across a batch of cartoons I did for a humor book:
" Nursery Rhymes for Corporate Crimes ".
I can't remember what rhyme this cartoon went with, but it reminds me of Madoff.
Here's the link to buy the book:

DRAGON magazine

I'm very excited about this weekend. My animated short is part of Dragon*Con's Independent Film Festival, and I have even had someone contact me about distribution.
I thought that I would post a few of my cartoons that appeared in Dragon magazine.
I would play D&D a few times a week, but I didn't take it as seriously as some of my friends.
Here is the first cartoon that I had published in Dragon.

I will explain this cartoon to those readers not familiar with the monsters of Dungeons and Dragons.
The joke is that the "pudding" is a vile character that hides in the shadows of the dungeon, and is almost impossible to detect in those dark hallways. It attacks swiftly and is hard to kill.
The following cartoons are just goofy.

I was playing around with the idea of using these two guys as recurring characters.

I loved inking these cartoons, and then applying the zippatone.
I just don't get that feeling with Photoshop.
More cartoons tomorrow.