Friday, October 16, 2009

Monster 16 : Lucky Duck

Don't be fooled by today's Monster of the Day, Lucky Duck.
Sure, he's got a pleasant enough smile and seems friendly,
but one look in those eyes tells you everything you need to know.
He's the guy that gets the parking spot that you just saw, and
did a quick u-turn to try and get to it, and you get to the spot,
just in time to
see him pull in.
He's the guy that gets the Scratch Off that wins $25,000. The same ticket that you were about to buy, but you had to run out to the car because you forgot your wallet.
He's the guy who gets to the interview first, because he was able to get on the elevator that you missed because all of the coffee you drank during your 45 minute drive suddenly kicks in and you have to find the bathroom.
He also gets the job because you leave a bad impression with HR, due to the giant wet spot on the front of your pants, due to the overflow of the artsy fartsy sink in the restroom.
I could go on, but you get the message. Just keep telling yourself that one day, he'll get his.
( He won't, but you knew that ).