Friday, May 7, 2010


One of the elements of good story telling, is knowing how to pace the events.
A story has to take its time, and unwind itself, developing the plot, revealing the motivations of the characters and.. oh screw that.
Let's see some DINOSAURS ATTACK!!!!!

It appears as that Roger Daltrey is making a break for it, while his jelly-filled companions get chewed up.
On the bright side, looks like that frog is also going to get gone while the gettin's good.

The irony is that the substitute teacher, Miss Gazarian, was one review away from sweet, sweet tenure. Where she would no longer be held accountable for her abilities as a teacher so long as her union dues were paid and she kept her Smart car out of the Principal's parking spot.
(She really wasn't going to get that position. The police were actually on their way to pick her up for " grading papers after school " with that blue shirted, jelly-filled lad).