Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey of the Day #29: You were shopped!

Wha..? What happened?
Oh...That's right. You had to get out into the Mall to get in on the "After Thanksgiving" deals.
The last thing you remember is reaching for an already wrapped electric shaver, the last one on display, and someone else was also reaching for it, and you were being pushed from behind,
and then WHAM!
As you slowly get to your feet, wincing at the sharp pain in your side from where you hit the table on your way to the floor, you see today's Turkey of the Day.
He's had a few contests of strength himself today, but due to his low center of gravity, and his ability to fight dirty at the drop of a hat, he's made out quite well.

Once your vision clears, the two of you can get a coffee.