Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Freak Sergio Argonés

During my first year at the Kubert school, Sergio Argonés came to speak.
One of the greatest people I have ever met. His talk was so funny, as he's telling us about doing cartoons in Mexico and coming to America, barely able to speak English, just really funny stuff.
We were all in the Animation Trailer, ( this was back at the old location on Myrtle Drive. I think it's student housing now), and Joe Kubert was there because he and Sergio were old friends.
Sergio was busting Joe's chops about how expensive the school was because Joe liked to buy new cars.
At the end of his talk, Sergio did sketches for us. I was constantly drawing rats, ( this was before "Secret of Nimh" came out), and I asked him to draw a rat for me.
Look at this sketch. Completely loose, and not over worked, yet he still captured a mood, making the viewer wonder what this rat is up to.
Two more things. One, he whipped this out in less than a minute, without penciling anything, while using a Sharpie.
Two, he did over 100 sketches, in this sort of detail, for everybody there, and not once did he ask for a drawing back because he didn't do a good job and wanted a mulligan.
Not like some of the Prima donnas you run into at some of the comic conventions around the country.
You know who I'm talking about......
On a sad note, during Sergio's talk, a third year student came into the trailer and told us all that Wally Wood had died.

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