Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Mole People

To paraphrase Ralph Parker's Old Man... " enough of this politic slop..."
It's Halloween time, and let's focus on creepy stuff. When I was a kid, there were only a few channels on the tv, and Saturday nights, at MIDNIGHT, there was Creature Feature!
It's easy to be jaded when there are countless channels out there pumping out content,
but when you were a kid in the 70's, and into monsters, you waited in excruciating anticipation for midnight to see some great monster movies.

I liked Godzilla, could put up with a zombie or a mummy, but give me some of those old Universal movies.
One of my favorites was " The Mole People ".
First off, the movie wasn't afraid to take its time. The film starts, for those who haven't seen it, with a "scientist host" giving a lecture on hollow Earth theories.
Second, it has a really good premise for a "lost civilization" plot. Third, monsters, the Mole People, who aren't really monsters but an underground race enslaved by the humans living there.
Plus, Alan Napier plays the Head Priest, ( you know who he is....Alfred from " The Batman " series).
And last but not least, Hugh Beaumont , (c'mon...this is an easy one...he was Ward Cleaver on
" Leave it to Beaver "), as one of the good guys.

I forgot to mention the neat effect of these Mole People diving into the ground to make their getaway.
Mystery Science Theater even mocked this film, which only proves what a classic it is.
( Although they also mocked one of my guilty pleasure monster movies, " Leech Woman ").

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