Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Got myself a fantastic fountain pen, a Waterman Phileas, so I am busy breaking it in.
I ran through the ink cartridge that was supplied, and did some research on good inks to use in the converter.
Came across a strangely named company, Noodler's Ink, and had to try it.
When our daughter was born, she was under weight, and we had to feed her every two hours. 
Sleep deprived, we found ourselves watching all sorts of things on tv.
One of the most fascinating things on was a documentary about the sport of "noodling".
This is the practice of finding a catfish hole, and sticking your arm in it, in hopes that the fish will latch on to your arm, allowing you to catch it.
I saw it maybe three times, but I think Amy managed to watch it almost everytime it was on.
So, in honor of my Noodler's Ink, which is working great by the way, I present a successful Noodler.

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