Saturday, May 7, 2011

Space: The Bunny Frontier

So...being the masochist that I am, while juggling multiple projects, I decide to
create some animations for the Toronto Animated Image Society's Bunny Jam.
The rule was simple, create animations, no longer than 10 seconds, featuring bunnies, in honor of this being the Year of the Rabbit.
After creating the animations, I realized that I could create a little more animation, linking the already created clips together and then submit the finished short to ASIFA-Atlanta's Roll Your Own, and Dragon*Con's Independent Film Festival.
The real excitement happened when I tried to burn a DVD on Thursday the 5th. My existing software was corrupted, so I had to replace it. Bought software off the web, well known company, in fact I had used them before on a different machine, I won't mention their name. This software was so buggy, that they sent me a list of instructions detailing how to REMOVE it from my computer so I could re-install it.
Bear in mind that the clock was ticking, and I had to mail the DVD to the Dragon*Con festival on the 6th, and each install, un-install took hours. So, after wasting all that time, I found the perfect solution to my problem.
Thanks to capitalism, and sweet, sweet competition; I found the solution with 
Movavi Video Suite 9.
So, I submitted to the festival, but won't find out if it was accepted until June. 
I'll keep you posted.

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