Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Katamari Damacy

My son and I are hooked on this crazy game for the PlayStation 2, " Katamari Damacy".
The game play is very simple and straightforward. The story:
" In a freak accident, the King of All Cosmos inadvertently annihilated all the stars. 
The task of fixing the King's mistake has fallen upon his son, the Prince.
In order to restore the glorious starry sky, the Prince must roll around a heap of objects on Earth, using the katamari, gathering more and more things from the item rich planet and sending them off into the night sky.
Does the Prince have what it takes to succeed? "
The player starts off with a little ball like object, that smaller items stick to once the 'ball' makes contact.
As you collect more and more items, from people, to elephants, trees, walls, etc., the katamari grows larger and larger, until you are circling the globe, grabbing islands, ships, and yes, Godzilla.
I can't recommend this gentle, goofy game highly enough.

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