Friday, October 5, 2012


I have a new dishwasher coming today, so with having it delivered, the old one taken away, and the new one installed, my day is shot.
So...a post from a few years ago, while I wait:
Mothman. What a stupid monster. Today's Monster of the Day is Mothman. Maybe I should explain.When I was a kid, ( well, even now ),I read anything I could, ( can ), get my hands on. Many times I chose a book strictly by its cover. Most times when it had a Frank Frazetta cover, I was in for a great read, but not with the
" Mothman Prophecies ".
Look at this cover:
Looks exciting, doesn't it? I bought the book, jumped into it, and was terribly disappointed as only a fat kid in Minnesota, in the dead of winter can be.
I mean look at it. The Mothman is gonna get those people. Lay a beating on the guy, and maybe a little insect-lovin' on the chick.
But no....nothing like that in the story. Based on some "true" events, this book was a yawnfest filled with sightings of glowing eyes, men in black, blah blah blah.'s Monster of the Day is phoning it in...the Mothman.

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