Thursday, November 27, 2014

Hot Rod Turkey

I was busy animating a Christmas card, when I got a call. It was a man named Chad who has a company called He was Googling Thanksgiving themed images, and came upon an older illustration of mine. He asked me if he could post it on his site, and if I said no he wouldn't use it. Of course I said yes. It's always nice to be asked. So this Thanksgiving, as I'm thankful for my family, friends and health, I'm also thankful for all the decent people out there, doing the right thing.

                               HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


You In Peru said...

I am building a hot rod called "wild torquey", it's been a 2 year build almost. Mind if I have an artist paint this or something very similar on the car to use it as sort of a trademark for the car? Figured I'd ask so you don't get offended if you see it later on :) thanks! You can see the build at

Jerry Fuchs said...

I'm fine with you painting it on your car, but I need you to send me some pics and tell your friends about the artist, me.