Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Fun

Animated we're talking. I have included a few celsfrom my collection in this pre-Halloween post.
Above is a character color study of the" Groovie Goolies ". A great cartoon from my childhood.
Produced by Filmation, the same company that did " Archie ". I really loved this cartoon because of all the crazy creatures that were in each show. Although they alos shoe-horned some terrible songs in between bits.
In fact, I remember having the he little PVC toys when I was a kid.
Man I sure wish I still had them.

Here is a cel from one of my top 10 animated movies, " Heavy Metal ".
This is from the chapter called " B-17 " or " Gremlins " depending on what source you use.
One of the creepiest storylines...a pilot trapped in a heavily damaged bomber that's going down.
If that wasn't bad enough, throw in a possessed crew of corpses.
Very spooky.

This polished gentlemen is one of the reasons I love animation. Nelvana is the company that created this character, B.L. ZeBub, from " The Devil and Daniel Mouse ".
I love this short. I seem to remember that it was usually played on the local access channel at 6:30 pm on Fridays during Halloween.
What an odd thing to remember...
Anyhow, this suave fellow tricks a desperate- for- success singer, a mouse, to trade her soul for a year's super stardom.
It's up to her boyfriend, Daniel, to think of a loophole.
This satanic character has it all:
He's funny, charismatic, and positively frightening when he has to be.
He is one of those rare characters that appears to think, like Shere Khan from " The Jungle Book ".

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Anonymous said...

Although it's rare for me to fall in love with the bad guy, but I think I have a crush on B.L Zebubb...he's quite the polished gentleman indeed! With his freaky yet amazing shape-shifting abilities, rotund yet intimidating appearance and oozingly sleazy persona, he's a pretty awesome villain!