Friday, October 31, 2008


Monsters...done by the same people who did Rudolph...Little Drummer Boy...and the rest of those great holiday classics!
This has been my all time number one Halloween movie since I can remember seeing it.
Just look at the puppetry, it's just so good. The 3-D stuff from Pixar is fine, I love "The Incredibles",
but that medium can't compare to an actual object existing in time and space, in my humble opinion.
As I watch this movie, I notice the little things. Stuff that was moved accidentally by the animator as the frame was shot.
This is just a lot of fun. And it has monster caricatures created by Jack Davis, master cartoonist!
So click on the title card above, and enjoy the movie trailer.
I guarantee that you will want to watch the rest of this movie.
Happy Halloween!

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