Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Know your ZOMBIE!

To the untrained eye, these two creatures may appear alike. So, as a public service,
I will point out the subtle differences between the Zombie and
the Elderly
Zombies stink. While the Elderly usually don't smell of rotten flesh, they both smell a little better after a hot, soapy shower.
Second, while both
Zombies and the Elderly appear to have a glazed, unfocused look
to their eyes, in the
Elderly that is usually due to cataracts, or a side effect of medication; while in the Zombie it is due to their brains being reduced to mush.
The main difference between them is the Elderly's death grip on the remote
control to the TV, due to their fanatic
love of " Cake Boss " and " Dancing with the Stars ".

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